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Limitless Lady

Campfire Cappuccino Coffee Scrub

Campfire Cappuccino Coffee Scrub

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Coffe Scrub: Coffee is not only a great exfoliate but it also improves blood circulation, tightens the skin, and removes dead skin.  Most coffee scrubs use brewed coffee, but not us! Brewed coffee loses a lot of caffeine, our scrubs are made with fresh grounds, so your body receives more caffeine for a stronger effect. Coconut oil is added to soften, sooth and moisturize skin along with Jojoba oil which contains anti-microbial, vitamin B and E properties.  We also add one of the oldest spices in the world! you guessed it, Cinnamon! Rich in antioxidants Cinnamon promotes regeneration of new skin tissues. We also added Vanilla for its anti-inflammatory  properties and Nutmeg to help balance oils, tighten pores and reduce hyper-pigmentation. So relax and get your scrub on!


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