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Vanilla Bean Dip Lip Can

Vanilla Bean Dip Lip Can

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Vanilla bean dip lip has the mouth watering vanilla flavor pared with our honey drip. The coffee flavor is strong enough to remind you, you need to get sh*t done but subtle enough to not over power the vanilla. Dip lips are 1.5oz cans of all organic, honey infused and carefully created coffee grounds that were made to give you instant energy. With absolutely no nicotine, no tobacco and no chemicals, these dip lips can be used to get you up and caffeinated for a work out, night shift, long drives and so much more! With our 3 amazing flavors, we ensure that you can not only enjoy the aroma’s but also leave nothing behind in bottles or on the ground because our dip lip grounds naturally dissolve and are safe to consume. These are some of our strongest coffee products that we offer and it doesn’t take much to get you going, so proceed with caution!

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