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Whipped Lavender Latte Scrub

Whipped Lavender Latte Scrub

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Whipped Scrub: Coffee is not only a great exfoliate but it improves blood circulation, and tightens the skin, (makes cellulite less visible, awesome right?) Most coffee scrubs use brewed coffee, but not us! Brewed coffee loses a lot of caffeine, our scrubs are made with fresh grounds, so your body receives more caffeine for a stronger effect. So relax and get your scrub on! Use: Begin your shower routine by running the water for a couple of minutes and allowing the warm water to soften your skin. Take a little bit of body scrub, wet it and rub between your palms. The scrub will start foaming which makes it very easy to apply all over your body. Don't forget to concentrate on the areas that need exfoliating the most. Rinse and enjoy your soft rejuvenated skin.


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